Solari parravicini profecias pdf

Benjamin solari parravicini august 8, 1898 december, 1974 was an argentine artist, known for his acurate psychic abilities to forecast future events such as the first dog in orbit, the advent of television, artificial insemination, the twin towers incident, the suez canal crisis, the rise of fidel castro, and many other predictions which have became true events. The amazing prophecies of benjamin parravicini new dawn. Parravicini benjamin solari testamento profetico scribd. Cronica fenomenos paranormales benjamin solari parravicini. Below is a small sample of benjamin solari parravicinis other prophecies that have not come to pass yet, and if proven true will have unprecedented impact on mankind the ugliness and deformity with which extraterrestrials are shown is human fantasy. Solari parravicini, benjamin profecias 2 argentina iglesia catolica. Estas son las psicografias profeticas inspiradas a benjamin solari parravicini sobre su pais, argentina. Descargue como pdf, txt o lea en linea desde scribd. He said he woke up smelling the sea and felt that algae obstructed the voice of a woman who was in the sea separating from life. Mediante una hoja y lapiz, parravicini predijo bombas, avances cientificos y cambios culturales.

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